A Little Conversation

3 min readMay 13, 2023

“You’ve been staring at that picture for a long time. Who is the fine young man?”

“Firstly, why are you looking at my phone, and secondly, you should mind your business. Kilo feel?”

“I would mind my business if we weren’t out here celebrating our friend Jessica, and you were interacting with everyone. I would mind my business if everyone did not ask me about you and why you look so gloomy. Several people have stopped to say hi, and you seem not to notice.”

“Is it that bad?”

“It is terrible. You look like you need a drink or two.”

“If I do have a drink, I fear what my mouth would speak.”

“Your face already tells half the story. You might as well spill.”


“I’ll get you a gin and tonic.”

“That is so basic.”

“It gets the work done.”


“Here you go, and I brought a croissant for you too. I don’t think Alcohol and fancy bread go hand in hand, but you look like you’ve not eaten, so eat first before you drink.”

“Look at you looking out for me.”

“I don’t want you to faint before you give me the complete story. Again, who is the guy in the picture you are looking at?”

“Someone I used to know.”

“Is he dead? Oh, I’m so sorry for being so insensitive. Shit, I’m such a terrible person…”

“Relax, breathe, before you nail yourself to a cross. He is not dead; he’s very. alive and someone I used to talk to.”

“Why are you looking at a picture of someone you used to talk to?”

“Because I’m in love with him.”


“You? In love? This year has had its fair share of pleasant and unpleasant surprises, but nothing could ever prepare me to hear those words from your mouth. Why is your leg shaking? Look at how your body rejects the words coming out of your mouth.”

“I’m serious. Stop laughing.”

“I bet you are. But why do you think so?”

“You mean I should tell you how he makes me feel?”

“Made you feel. Can you get to the point and stop asking me questions you know the answers to?”

“Sorry, Professor English. You’re lucky …”

“To the point, ma.”

“Well, he makes me feel seen. I know I can be a pain in the ass on most days, but he does not make me feel like a burden. He listens to me. I can rant about my latest obsession for days, and he stays there listening and smiling. He does this thing where he raises one brow and smiles. It melts my heart. And I’m using present tense because I still feel this way, so behave.”

“You sound smitten, and it’s like you’ve been reading too many romance novels. Again.”

“Are you listening, or should I shut up?”


“He remembers any little thing I tell him, and he checks up on those things later. I think he is genuinely thoughtful. I can be myself around him with reckless abandon. Most importantly, he buys me food.”

“Does he know?”


“Why is your voice going up? Does he know you feel this way about him? Like, have you told him?”

“I’d rather chew jeans.”

“Does he feel the same way?”

“Why do you think we stopped talking?”

“You’re so silly. You stopped talking to him because you both had feelings for one another. My friend, call him and apologise. Sort this out.”

“I did not tell you, so you’ll judge me. Is this not a safe space again? He has a girlfriend now.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Oh, shit, is correct.”


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