I have one question.

3 min readFeb 24, 2024
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I want to know, don’t sugarcoat it; don’t put a dash of honey to make it taste a bit better. Like a pill, the truth is sometimes hard to swallow, but I’m ready with a glass of water. Before you proceed, I have some things to get off my chest. These words are not the truth, at least not in full. Unlike the sincerity I ask of you, I fill these words with holes and omissions. This paper is my confessional, and you’re my priest, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you the truth.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been a month since my last confession. In that time, I have loved this woman more than life itself. I think about her in every waking moment, and she erodes the entirety of my dreams. She has conquered my heart like the Dardanelles straights. I dedicate my time and resources to thinking and plotting how to keep a smile on her face. Permanently. I have placed her above everyone born of flesh and has blood flowing through their veins. She is the jewel of my life. I’m in awe of her, like how we marvel at the beauty of sunset.

I desire to take her to a place where it’s just us. On a farm, somewhere in the countryside, where I can read poetry to her under the night skies after making her favourite meal for dinner. Father, with all certainty and conviction, I tell you if I have the gift of eternity, I can never find someone as precious as her. I want to give her everything. I want to give her everything. My heart calls out to her, and her name feels like melodies on my lips. I could sing it from dawn to dusk.

Is it okay that I feel this way? Will my affection ever be reciprocated? I’ve met a plethora of women. I looked into their eyes in search of her and could not find a glimpse. I do not mean to quote 2face, but just like the sun lights up the earth, Adaugo lights up my life. See, I know what I’m feeling in my heart and in my soul. Will this love crush me? Will this seed ever sprout and bloom? Will my hands be gentle enough to nurture this heart? Will this queen be mine?

I said I wouldn’t tell the truth, but that is a lie. I can’t imagine your face and utter words that deviate from the truth. These words express how I feel in ink, but if you take a peek into my head, you’ll see how you’ve taken my heart away and driven me insane. And suddenly, all the poems are about you. I did not go out seeking you; heaven brought you to me. Talk to me. Everything is going to be okay. Tell me the truth; do not sugarcoat it. Do not put a dash of honey to make it taste a bit better.

I have one question. Are you in love with me, too?

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